Working to become an environmentally sustainable company

Climate change. Air pollution. Marine pollution. Resource depletion. For these global problems, companies worldwide need to come together to find global solutions. Working toward a better future, Storetoexpress Logistics is focused on managing environmental risks and achieving a sustainable supply chain in cooperation with stakeholders for customers and society.

Our goal: ZERO emissions


Our sustainable supply chain strategy

We are working toward our goal of providing net-zero emission services that cover the entire supply chain for customers by 2030.

We will enhance and expand Storetoexpress Vantage Performance and Storetoexpress Vantage Focus to visualize and optimize costs/operations and reduce GHG emissions and waste across the entire supply chain, including corporate activities other than logistics.

By using both our knowledge of best practices and innovative digital technology, such as AI, to create a path to total optimization, we are aiming to enable anyone in the Storetoexpress Logistics Group to provide high-quality consultation, contributing to net-zero emissions throughout the customer’s supply chain.


The "e-calculator" is available to stakeholders as a tool for calculating carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for Air/Ocean/Truck and Train cargo transportation.
Using this tool, it is possible to estimate the amount of CO2 emissions for multimodal end to end shipment.


Our initiatives for reducing environmental impact

We’re working to reduce our global environmental impact in many ways.


Development of environmentally friendly facilities

One of facilities in Benelux was built to the highest standards of sustainability, efficiency, and safety. Best-in-class construction techniques and high-tech heating and lighting systems – including heat recovery and heat pump systems, solar panels, and LED lighting – keep the facility almost energy-neutral.


Solar panels installed to save electricity

Solar panels have been installed on 3 warehouse sites in Thailand.
This contributes to reduce electricity emissions as well as operational cost.

EV truck

Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Company Vehicles

We’re switching from fossil fuel vehicles to vehicles that use renewable fuels and electric vehicles.


Participation in United Airlines' Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) program

The Eco-Skies Alliance program is a first-of-its-kind program involving global corporations working with United Airlines to help power flying in a more sustainable way. We are the first Asian forwarder to participate in this SAF program. This means we actively work to create more SAF demand in international transportation to reduce CO2 emissions.