Get the right goods on the right shelves at the right time

Retail supply chain solutions that ensure inventory arrives on time and in full

Retailers are in an unenviable position these days. The public expects more choices and higher quality, while what’s in fashion changes by the day. In a sector whose behavior is difficult to predict, every retailer has their own unique supply chain and requirements.

That’s precisely why our retail-specific client teams tailor solutions and processes to fit your needs – and only your needs – while delivering the efficiency, visibility, and cost control every retailer would appreciate. Seamlessly integrating with your team, we help reduce your total logistics costs with initiatives that are right for your retail-specific supply chain – without compromising the overall needs of your business. The retail industry may be unpredictable, but our experience-driven insight and cost-optimizing solutions will give you a reliable level of control. Therefore, our clients have come to value our deliverables of control, compliance, and visibility to their global supply chains and rely upon the value of our partnership to further address their ever-changing challenges.

Our Services

  • PO & vendor management
  • Origin bonded stock
  • Origin consolidation & VAS services
  • Vendor-managed inventory (VMI)
  • Upstream & downstream milestone capture & visibility
  • Carrier & provider management
  • Ocean freight & air freight
  • Land transportation (truck & rail)
  • Cross-border transportation
  • Intermodal transport solutions
  • EDI & API capability
  • Customs clearance & brokerage services
  • Documentation solutions, including quick and accurate commercial invoice creation in Storetoexpress Vantage
  • End-to-end real-time visibility
  • Management & KPI reporting
  • Destination de-consolidation
  • Cross-dock
  • Warehousing & distribution centers
  • Inventory management
  • E-commerce fulfilment centers
  • Last mile delivery
  • Pre-retail & value-added services
  • Customer-specific supply chain design and implementation
  • 4PL-based solutions

Why Storetoexpress Logistics?

  • Global network plus local focus, which ensures access to retail specialists who understand the specific needs of retail and consumer businesses
  • Our deep understanding of the retail market, which means we understand your need for flexibility – and delivering on the promise to find the right fit for your supply chain
  • Our emphasis on Gemba, the concept of focusing on front-line operations, which means foreseeing problems, finding solutions, identifying consumer market trends, and advising on the best practices in the constantly changing world of sourcing
  • Milestone data and documents electronically delivered in real time – ensuring your end-to-end supply chain milestones are met, from product manufacture and booking to shipment and final delivery to the shelves
  • Proprietary systems and supply chain tools to provide agile management and visibility across your inventory pipeline – wherever that may be in the supply chain